Living history

Hotel Molí de L’Escala is housed in a former flour mill with over 23 centuries of history, that has been completely renovated. Its stones bring to mind the Greco-Roman past of Empúries with the Heraklion Way, the first main means of communication, crossing through the building. It also preserves some features from the 12th, 17th and 19th centuries

Jordi Jacas

The owner and the soul of Molí de L’Escala Restaurant. After working at the Albareda, Jean Luc Figueras, Casa Irene in Arties and El Bulli in Roses, in 1999, he became responsible for running the Molí, defending a concept of local, seasonal cuisine, with a touch of creativity and innovation, based on top-quality produce. He also runs the Casa Club at the Empordà Golf Club (Gualta). In addition, through the Molí Catering service, he handles the gastronomy at Futbol Club Barcelona box and at the Auditori de Girona


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