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El Molí de l’Escala is an exclusive and rehabilitated farmhouse that has more than 23 centuries of history.

A careful gastronomic hotel located in a privileged environment where you can enjoy a few days of the absolute calm, or where to give life to your big events.

Enter this ancient 17th-century flour mill and visit the beaches of the Costa Brava. Get to know our story first-hand and make it the protagonist of your “big day.”


25 years of experience guarantee our work. Tradition, history and essence make up the gastronomic philosophy of the Molí de l’Escala.

The fresh, local produce of the highest quality enriches every bite of our exquisite cuisine. A modern and subtle cuisine that wants to fall in love

In addition, we strive to convey the image of our dishes to the best of us and our environment.


The meticulous care of every detail permeates every corner of the Hotel del Molí de l’Escala, a charming place in which the facilities are perfect to become a suitable place for rest.

Spacious rooms, large beds and beautiful views will be at your disposal to disconnect as you deserve.

You will enjoy an authentic environment, where you can also feel at home given the close and professional attention that our staff will provide.


The versatility of our property allows us to host all kinds of events. From small ones like family celebrations, to the biggest ceremonies your mind can imagine, to business events to the big day of your wedding.

The distinguishing point that will make anyone forget the moment, will be the best gastronomic touch led by our owner and chef of the Mill, Jordi Jacas with the essence of the most personal cuisine.

Whatever space you need or the event you want to host, we are ready to make it unmatched. Always in your own way, always in tune with your personality.

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